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Info on FRITZ!Box 4040

The update file "FRITZ.Box_4040.155.xx.xx.image" on contains the latest FRITZ!OS (Firmware) for the FRITZ!Box 4040.

Attention: This update file is only intended for use with FRITZ!Box 4040! Please follow the instructions at the end of this file to install the update.

Product:    FRITZ!Box 4040

Version:        FRITZ!OS 7.14

Language: German, English, French, Italian, Polish, Spanish

Release date:  05/12/2019

New Features:

  • More performance and convenience in the wireless network and Mesh
  • Seamlessly connected in the Mesh: Mesh WiFi steering
  • Well informed: Important information arrives simply and directly at the email address of your MyFRITZ! account
  • New in the internet: more information on DSL, faster LTE and expanded VPN functions
  • Practical to operate: quick overview of updates for FRITZ! products, LEDs can be switched off
  • Stronger support for new products: FRITZ!Repeater 3000

Note: Instructions for configuring and using Mesh functions are presented at

Below you find a complete list and descriptions of the new functions in the latest FRITZ!OS, along with a list of further improvements in this version.

Additional improvements in FRITZ!OS 07.14


  • Improved Stablity

Additional improvements in FRITZ!OS 07.12


  • Fixed Sporadic change of shared ports in rare cases


  • Fixed Time display for scan of wireless environment (5-GHz band) corrected


  • Fixed Mesh WiFi steering for devices on the wireless guest access improved
  • Improved Stablity

Home network:

  • Fixed Powerline information of a FRITZ!Powerline device connected with the FRITZ!Box via LAN were missing in the "Device Details" area


  • Improved Stability
  • Improved Browser compatibility optimized for saving table renderings locally
  • Fixed Push Service could not be disabled
  • Fixed Push Service for saving settings deleted the sender settings
  • Fixed During assignment of VPN rights for the current user, under certain circumstances this user's other rights were removed
  • Fixed Update in progress on FRITZ!Repeaters was displayed for too long in the "Mesh Overview"

New Features in FRITZ!OS 7.10


  • NEW Mesh WiFi steering can automatically direct devices (smartphones or computers, for instance) to the best Mesh WiFi Repeater (access point steering)
  • NEW All FRITZ!Boxes in the Mesh now have a shared telephone book at their disposal

Home network

  • NEW Graphic display of home network connections when editing the connection of a network device


  • NEW FRITZ!Box sends information on certain events to the email address of your MyFRITZ! account
  • NEW All LEDs on the device can now be switched off in the user interface
  • NEW Display of the available updates for the FRITZ! products connected in the home network on the Overview page

Mobile network:

  • NEW Higher data rates possible through support for the Mobile Broadband Interface Model (MBIM) (for instance, W1208 from 4G Systems)
  • NEW Push Service for sending received text messages

With each FRITZ!OS update, AVM also updates its security functions. Therefore we recommend performing the update for all devices.

Additional improvements in FRITZ!OS 07.10


  • Improved Now domain names can be specified for VPN connections that are resolved via the tunnel
  • Improved For VPN connections, the remote network is displayed in the network even after the connection has been cleared
  • Improved Now any names can be specified for VPN connections
  • Improved A VPN connection can now transfer the entire network traffic (VPN full tunneling, default route via VPN tunnel)
  • Improved Better VPN connection negotiation
  • Improved VPN LAN-LAN linkup of a FRITZ!Box on a DSL Lite connection possible to IPv4 remote sites
  • Improved Various changes for importing a VPN settings file
  • Improved More devices possible in the guest access (and wireless hot spot): assigned IP addresses now reserved for only 6 hours (DHCP lease time, configurable)
  • Improved FRITZ!Box no longer repeats an attempt to register with MyFRITZ! if the confirmation link sent by email was not clicked
  • Change For Vodafone, also consideration of first configuration on fiber optic connections
  • Change For activation of internet access to the FRITZ!Box via HTTPS, TCP number selected randomly
  • Change Transfer rate of the internet connection on the WAN port entered in Mbit/s instead of Kbit/s
  • Change For connections from Telekom, "Zuhause Start" connections now called "MagentaZuhause Regio Tarif"
  • Fixed "Standard" and "Guest" access profiles, configurable under Filters, contained a budget setting that was not supported
  • Fixed Settings from the window for VPN settings could not be copied
  • Fixed Under port sharing it was not possible to enter the IPv6 interface ID 0:0:0:0:*
  • Fixed Switch of type of connection from IP client to internet router generated illegal IP settings
  • Fixed Releasing a port on a dual-stack connection (IPv4 and IPv6) for sharing with a device configured only for IPv4 sometimes failed
  • Fixed Internet connection failed after switching internet provider via mobile network to existing connection via wireless LAN . Fixed In rare cases a device in the wireless guest access via a repeater was not assigned an IP address
  • Fixed Misleading message úpon disabling internet access to the FRITZ!Box via HTTPS
  • Fixed Port sharing for destination IP addresses in the form 192.168.*.127 was not possible
  • Fixed Port sharing for IPv6 could not be enabled for internet connections with a prefix length /64
  • Fixed VPN LAN-LAN linkup to fixed IP addresses did not work (IKE error 0x2005)
  • Fixed Additional characters transmitted during download of the FRITZ!Box certificate under FRITZ!Box services
  • Fixed Registration with MyFRITZ! could be instable when upper-case letters were used in the email address of the MyFRITZ! account
  • Fixed With IPv6 and FRITZ!Box users without the right to access from the internet, access from the home network via FTP to storage (NAS) shared in the home network could fail
  • Fixed Guest network block was not applied in individual access profiles configured in parental controls


  • Improved The wireless radio network table of known wireless devices was reworked
  • Improved For devices that support the wireless protocols 802.11v/k (smartphones or computers, for instance), improved automatic steering into the 2.4-GHz or 5-GHz band (band steering)
  • Change For wireless devices in the radio network, the property 802.11k displayed only when the scope of performance is sufficient (beacon report)
  • Change New report in event log on problems with "protected logins from wireless devices (PMF)"
  • Change The radio channel settings option for automatic steering of wireless devices now also offers Mesh WiFi steering
  • Fixed "Wireless LAN coexistence" option now works reliably again (2.4 GHz)
  • Fixed When one wireless frequency band is switched off, the radio network of the other frequency band is no longer interrupted
  • Fixed Line breaks on the captive portal for the wireless guest access were not saved
  • Fixed Wireless LAN settings (channel, wireless standard, etc.) no longer selectable when disabled
  • Fixed On the "Wireless / Radio Network" page, wireless devices that are not connected are no longer listed in the table only with a marking for the 2.4-GHz band


  • Improved Display of important notifications for secure, reliable operation on all FRITZ!OS products in the Mesh (with red "Info"' LED and on start page)
  • Improved Information on Mesh proved in the FRITZ!Box push service mail
  • Improved New message in event log on wireless devices that were reregistered because of Mesh steering
  • Improved Notice on Mesh Overview about FRITZ!Repeaters or FRITZ!Powerline devices that can still be integrated into the Mesh
  • Improved Home network access of the FRITZ!Repeater 3000 optimized for performance in wireless bridge mode
  • Improved The name assigned to a Mesh Repeater in the Mesh or Network Overview is applied as its "Repeater name". The user interface of the Mesh Repeater can then be accessed with http://assigned_name
  • Change Mesh designation of the Powerline devices without wireless function that participate in the Mesh
  • Change Device names of FRITZ!OS devices in the Mesh are adopted from the Mesh Master as push service sender names
  • Change During configuration of telephony in the Mesh, the "landline enabled" setting on the Mesh Repeater is switched off
  • Fixed Distribution of wireless LAN settings in the Mesh erroneous in rare situations
  • Fixed The battery status of Smart Home devices was occasionally displayed incorrectly on the user interface of a Mesh Repeater
  • Fixed If a FRITZ!Box configured as a Mesh Repeater was removed from telephony, this change was not applied until the Mesh Master restarted
  • Fixed Telephony messages (Message Waiting Indication, MWI) were not passed on to the Mesh Repeater with the right dialed telephone number

Home network

  • Improved Change to radio network name now optional when setting the FRITZ!Box name
  • Change Podcasts preset for the media server updated. Also applies to FRITZ!Fon
  • Fixed Failure to set up a home network connection for certain interfaces in the MyFRITZ!App
  • Fixed Problem with DNS resolution of local home network devices when using DHCP without host name
  • Fixed In some rare cases it was not possible to set LAN ports to 100 Mbit/s (Green mode)


  • Improved Optimized treatment of NTFS-formatted storage media
  • Fixed In some cases new files were indexed incompletely or not at all


  • Improved User interface permanently saves the desired sorting of a table by column
  • Improved Dual-band wireless devices were displayed in the overview only with 2.4 GHz
  • Change Push service sends important messages from the FRITZ!Box only to the recipient of the FRITZ!Box Info mail
  • Change The FRITZ!Box user ftpuser is no longer created ex works (or after restoring the factory settings). One FRITZ!Box user must be created for sharing of storage media (NAS) in the home network
  • Change Updated the TR-064 programming interface. See
  • Fixed Update with FRITZ!OS file could fail with an IPv6 connection to the FRITZ!Box
  • Fixed No import of settings possible when "Magenta Cloud" was enabled

Mobile network:

  • Change Huawei 3372 mobile communications dongle switched from USB tethering to interne connection via mobile network. The mobile network PIN and provider must be entered once under "Internet / Mobile Network"


  • Improved HTTPS port in the home network can now be reached independently of the WAN-https port setting
  • Change Support switched off for the outdated TLS-1.0 standard providing for FRITZ!OS services in the server role
  • Change Parameter length increased to 2048 bits for FRITZ!OS services in the server role

Additional improvements in FRITZ!OS 7.01


  • Fixed Downloads of devices in the wireless guest access were displayed incorrectly in the Online Monitor
  • Fixed: On the MyFRITZ! page of the FRITZ!Box ( the option to change the user email address was offered when no user was registered
  • Fixed A display error in the DSL area after "Reset Powerline Settings" was fixed
  • Fixed: Import of a VPN settings file did not work if confirmation was disabled
  • Fixed: Creating VPN users with NAS rights required double confirmation
  • Change: Windows proxy detection added to global filter settings

Home network:

  • Improved In Mesh Repeater mode the FRITZ!Box receives a unique network name
  • Fixed: Incorrect display in the Mesh Overview area on Edge browsers


  • Fixed: After update to F!OS 7.00 login to the GUI was no longer possible when the FRITZ!Box password contained certain special characters
  • Fixed: Google Authenticator: Configuration did not work for names containing spaces
  • Fixed Display of the DSL connection status in the "Diagnostics / Security" area was incorrect
  • Fixed: Incorrect and missing displays in Diagnostics when UMTS fallback was enabled
  • Fixed: Confusing error message when a radiator control with a dead battery was connected


  • Improved: Smoother registration of wireless repeaters when Protected Management Frames (PMF) enabled
  • Improved: Increased stability
  • Fixed Permanent flashing of the WLAN LED when reconifguring to "Repeater" mode
  • Fixed: Entry for "Inspecting channel" removed from the legend of the 2.4-GHz Wireless LAN Monitor (Zero Wait DFS only in the 5-GHz band)
  • Fixed In Mesh Repeater mode, a problem with switching the option for wireless LAN coexistence was resolved (for home network via the 5-GHz band)
  • Fixed In Mesh Repeater mode, an incorrect type of connection was displayed under "Home Network / Mesh / Access to Home Network"
  • Fixed: Potential problems with re-enabling the 2.4-GHz radio eliminated
  • Fixed: Possible connection breaks when encryption to devices in Wireless Bridge mode was changed
  • Fixed: After updating, "auto channel" sometimes set although wireless channels were specified
  • Fixed Some incorrect data rates were shown for wireless devices under "System / Event Log"
  • Fixed: Wireless guest access to Mesh WiFi Repeaters did not work after disabling/enabling wireless LAN on the Mesh Master
  • Fixed: The MAC address filter could not be enabled when the device list was empty but a device was connected in the wireless guest access
  • Fixed: Wireless devices that support dual-band were displayed with a double line in the list of known wireless devices
  • Fixed: When a device was deleted from the list of wireless devices, the "Remove" button could no longer be clicked for inactive devices


  • Fixed: When media contents were played via FRITZ!NAS, the connection to the HTML player was cleared after 20 minutes - Fixed: Missing message when an incompatible media file was played back
  • Fixed: Sharing settings could not be deleted or edited in the mobile view


-Fixed Incorrect display for DSL connection on the start page when mobile network fallback enabled -Fixed: Incorrect connection display when tethering enabled on the home page


  • Fixed Display error for remedying detected Powerline interference with VDSL

New Features in FRITZ!OS 7.00


  • New Register for regular status updates for your FRITZ!Box (MyFRITZ! report)
  • New MyFRITZ! internet access to the FRITZ!Box without a warning from the browser (SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt)

Home network:

  • NEW User interface with new Home Network -> "Mesh" menu for all settings concerning Mesh
  • NEW Mesh Home Network Overview also shows telephone and Smart Home connections complete with topology and connection quality
  • NEW In the factory settings, a second FRITZ!Box connected via Ethernet becomes a Mesh Repeater at the push of a button (WPS)
  • NEW Switch for IP client or router operation in the network settings area
  • NEW Switch for the function of the FRITZ!Box in the home network (Mesh operating mode) as Mesh Master or Mesh Repeater in the Home Network>Mesh>Mesh Settings and WLAN areas
  • NEW Mesh events added to the event messages
  • NEW The settings for push services, auto updates and AVM services are applied to the entire Mesh WiFi

More information on the new features for Mesh is presented at "New features for Mesh" More information on configuration and using Mesh is presented at


  • NEW With a "FRITZ! Hotspot" it's easier than ever to give guests WiFi access in public places such as bars, restaurants, medical practices etc. For details, see Wireless / Guest Access.
  • NEW Improved wireless security through support of activated Protected Management Frames (PMF)

Additional improvements in FRITZ!OS 7.00


  • Improved Display of internet connections on the Overview page also includes WAN connections
  • Improved Simplified display for internet connections on the Overview page under Connections
  • Improved Function for removing the FRITZ!Box from the MyFRITZ! account (
  • Improved Optimizations for data throughput
  • Improved Optimizations for DNS resolution
  • Improved Optimized registration with MyFRITZ! ( also possible without enabling MyFRITZ! internet access, under "Internet / MyFRITZ! Account"
  • Improved: SHA 2 support for VPN connections
  • Improved Filter for port 25 (unsecured mail sending) also effective for the Guest Access (Wireless LAN/LAN)
  • Change Connections to 1&1 lines also with Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6 and IPv4 Dual Stack)
  • Change Connections to Vodafone lines also with Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6 and IPv4 Dual Stack)
  • Change Type of internet connection "existing connection over wireless LAN" also supports non-encrypted wireless LAN
  • Change Parental controls no longer differentiate between Windows users
  • Change Devices blocked for internet use in the parental controls can be reached via VPN
  • Change Internet service provider "GMX" removed
  • Change FRITZ!Box devices in IP client mode (as for connection to existing network) can be registered with
  • Change Certificate signed by (for MyFRITZ! addresses)
  • Fixed "Default user already exists" message when configuring parental controls
  • Fixed Possible circumvention of time limits defined in parental controls
  • Fixed Circumvention of parental controls for certain blocked websites
  • Fixed The LAN ports were switched for the VPN LAN-LAN linkup
  • Fixed Improved VPN interoperability
  • Fixed VPN user connections not displayed in the home network overview
  • Fixed MyFRITZ! FTP links corrected
  • Fixed MyFRITZ! access or device with MyFRITZ! access could not be deleted under certain circumstances
  • Fixed Error while entering an already assigned IP address for a new device for port sharing
  • Fixed No IPv4 port sharing for devices with IPv6 interface ID during IPv4 internet connection without IPv6
  • Fixed IPv6 NAS sharing link could not be used
  • Fixed Google DynDNS service not supported
  • Fixed Static IP address with /31 network mask not possible

Home network:

  • Fixed Possible error message (Error code 1) when IP address entered manually in the Device Details
  • Change: Connection Statistics area for the powerline network moved from the Network Device Details to the "Contents > FRITZ!Box Support" area


  • Improved DFS wait times in the 5-GHz band optimized
  • Improved Band steering for wireless clients that support the 802.11v/k standards
  • Improved Display of wireless standards 802.11k and 802.11v as "Signal Properties" (for band steering)
  • Improved Display of frequency bands on "Wireless / Radio Channel" page in the "Other radio networks in your in your vicinity" list
  • Improved Improved changing of SSID in Wireless Assistant during first configuration
  • Fixed Selection of DFS channels in the 5-GHz band possible again in repeater mode
  • Fixed Display of interference sources on Wireless / Radio Channel page in the "Use of the Wireless LAN Channels" list
  • Fixed The entire network environment of the base station is displayed in "Repeater" mode


  • Change The "Login without password (not recommended)" option in the FRITZ!Box user interface now requires pressing a button on the FRITZ!Box


  • Improved Function diagnostics shows insufficient memory for saving faxes and voice messages when USB storage is full
  • Change Display of port for "Diagnostics and Maintenance"


  • New Additional confirmation for certain changes can now be performed using the Google Authenticator
  • Improved Redesigned "Auto Update" page
  • Improved Event protocol on the Mesh Master also contains all events on the other FRITZ! devices in the Mesh WiFi
  • Improved Push service sends email after the update with additional information on the version and update progress
  • Improved Push service change notice now also includes information on the registration of a new DECT device
  • Improved Push service change notice on new devices in the home network now also includes information on new Mesh Repeaters
  • Improved "New FRITZ!OS" push service now also includes planned update time for auto updates
  • Improved Optimized time synchronization (NTP) after internet dial-in
  • Improved Consent to "Diagnostics and Maintenance" does not include permission for software updates
  • Improved Simplified display for configuration of wireless LAN, LAN and WAN in the Interfaces area of the Overview page
  • Improved Redesigned push services overview
  • Change For security reasons, the preconfigured user "ftpuser" can no longer be granted access from the internet
  • Change For FRITZ!Box users who are granted access from the internet, the password must be different from the user name
  • Change The security of new password assignments must be rated at least "medium" or they will be rejected.
  • Change Additional confirmation for creating VPN connections
  • Change Additional confirmation for creating VPN connections


  • *Improved** Message notifying about possible detriment to FRITZ!Box functions when contents deleted from the FRITZ! folder
  • Fixed System folders no longer indexed for the FRITZ! media server


  • Fixed Internet via mobile network not offered for all detected 3G dongles during first configuration

New features for Mesh

General information on Mesh is presented at

Enabling the Mesh Function

To check whether a FRITZ! product is enabled for Mesh, see the Mesh Overview of the FRITZ!Box (the Mesh Master) under " -> Home Network - > Mesh". Here the products in the Mesh are designated with a corresponding "Mesh active" symbol.

A FRITZ!WLAN Repeater or FRITZ!Powerline adapter with FRITZ!OS 6.90 or higher installed can be enabled for Mesh in various ways:

  • If the product has the factory settings configured and is being connected with the FRITZ!Box for the first time, it will be automatically enabled for Mesh.
  • If the product is already connected, but not enabled for Mesh, it is added to the Mesh by pressing a button on the product to be integrated and a button on the FRITZ!Box. On the FRITZ!Box, use the button that initiates WPS (depending on the model, press the "Connect" or "WPS" button briefly, or the "WLAN/WPS" button for 6 seconds)

Detailed instructions, additional information and the answers to frequently asked questions about Mesh are presented at

Telephony Mesh and Smart Home Mesh

With FRITZ!OS 7.0, telephony and Smart Home are also compatible with the Mesh.

The connections of cordless telephones and Smart Home products are displayed in the FRITZ!Box Mesh Overview. You can use a second FRITZ!Box as Mesh Repeater, and use telephones registered with the second FRITZ!Box with the numbers assigned in the first FRITZ!Box, the "Mesh Master".

Configuring a second FRITZ!Box as a Mesh Repeater with the press of a button


  • Your existing FRITZ!Box supports Mesh (FRITZ!OS 6.90 or higher). This box is the Mesh Master.
  • The FRITZ!Box to be deployed as a Mesh Repeater has been updated to FRITZ!OS 7.0 and you have restored its factory settings. This box is to become the Mesh Repeater.

Here's how:

  • Connect the LAN 1 port of the Mesh Repeater with the Master using a LAN cable
  • Initiate the Connect function on both boxes (7590: press the "Connect" button briefly; 7490: press and hold down the "WLAN/WPS" button for 6 seconds)

After the connection procedure is concluded, the second FRITZ!Box is ready for operation as a Mesh Repeater. (It is operating in "IP client" mode and, as a Mesh Repeater, adopts the wireless LAN settings and other important settings from the FRITZ!Box).

Please note that this function can be used only if the second FRITZ!Box is permanently connected with the first box by LAN cable.

If you've received the second FRITZ!Box from your internet provider this feature may not work in some cases. Please configurate this FRITZ!Box as a mesh repeater by visit the FRITZ!Box GUI manually. Instructions for configuring a FRITZ!Box connected via wireless LAN as a Mesh Repeater are presented at

Transmit the telephone numbers of a Mesh Master to another FRITZ!Box in the home network

Once you have added an additional FRITZ!Box to the Mesh, you can configure it so that all telephone numbers are available on each FRITZ!Box. If your FRITZ!Box is connected with a landline, you can use the telephones connected to the second FRITZ!Box to make calls over the internet as well as on the landline. If the latest FRITZ!OS 7.0 is installed on both FRITZ!Boxes, the telephone numbers are transferred automatically in the Mesh once the "Telephony in the Mesh" option is enabled.

If the new FRITZ!Box is already a component of the Mesh, or if you have already set up telephone numbers on it, these telephone numbers must be deleted and one of the two FRITZ!Boxes must be restarted.

Then the new FRITZ!Box must be enabled for "Telephony in the Mesh". To do so proceed as follows:

  • Click "Home Network" in the user interface of the Mesh Master.
  • Click "Mesh" in the "Home Network" menu.
  • Click the "Mesh Settings" tab. In the "Use Telephony in the Mesh" section, click the "Enable" link next to the respective Mesh Repeater and then confirm that the procedure may be executed on the Mesh Master as well, if asked to do so.

The telephone numbers are now distributed in the Mesh and can be assigned to your telephones and other terminal equipment for telephony (for instance, answering machines) on the FRITZ!Box.

Note: Telephony Mesh is not the same thing as DECT repeating, which requires the support of special hardware on the FRITZ!Box deployed as the Mesh Master. If you would like to use DECT repeating, you can purchase the FRITZ!DECT Repeater 100 from an electronics retailer.

Instructions for installing the update:

Use the update function offered in the user interface to install the update. This automatically offers you the right FRITZ!OS. Click "Wizards", select "Update" and then follow the instructions on the screen.

(c) AVM GmbH 2004-2019. All rights reserved.

This AVM firmware package contains files that are propagated under different licenses, in particular under a license held by AVM or under an open-source license (namely the GNU General Public License, GNU Lesser General Public License or FreeBSD License). For details on the various licenses, see the "license.txt" file ( The source code of the files propagated as open source files can be obtained upon a written request to

AVM grants the non-exclusive right to use this AVM firmware package, which is supplied exclusively in object code format. The licensee may create only one copy of the software, which may be used exclusively for backup use. AVM reserves all rights that are not expressly granted to the licensee. Without previous approval in writing, and except for in cases permitted by law, it is particularly prohibited to -copy, propagate or in an other manner make the AVM firmware package publicly accessible, or- process, disassemble, reverse engineer, translate, decompile or in any other manner open the software and subsequently copy, propagate or make the firmware publicly accessible.

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